Casio QT-6600 Smart Scanning
for the Retail business

The POS system that makes almost everything possible without the cons of a PC. Not neccesary to install a antivirus software every year, no annual contracts, works extremely fast without harddisk, no noise without fans, and no MS-Windows operating system that often causes the problem that your hardware is getting slower fast and “out of date”.
In short 100% cash value with an extremely fast backup to Compact Flash card for extra reliability and continuïty in your Shop.

Some available functies for shops:

- Customer account charging
- Barcodescanning for a fast and correct price registration without the need of labelling products
- Stock control on products with a wide range of reporting features
- Fast and simple product maintenance
- Registration of costs for representation and loss
- Time and Attendance registration
- Support for discount cards, debet cards and credit cards
- Customer on hold function for helping a customer in between
- Connection for slip printer and external customer display
- Interfaces with payment terminals like the CCV Vx570

Casio QT-6600 pheripherals for shops:

Magellan 1000i

Magellan 1000i compact fixed barcodescanner for handsfree scanning.

Magellan VS-2200

Magellan VS-2200 extra rugged fixed barcodescanner for handsfree scanning.

Opticon OPR-3001

Opticon OPR-3001 This rugged manual scanner won the design award in 2006. Comes in completely black or in black/white combination. With his powerfull laser engine and its robust casing this scanner can be used in Shops and Industry but the price will amaze you.
De CCV Vx570 + SC 5000
Counter PINterminal

The Vx570 with SC 5000 PINpad is the most advanced PINterminal from the CCV payment terminal supplier. This PINterminal is very fast, easy to operate and the bright lit display provides you with a good readablility. It’s large memory provides in a lot of solutions. Through the easy menu structure you have access to your data, operatingfunctions and reports. The Vx570 has a silent integrated printer. De Vx570 with SC 5000 combines speed with functionality.
CAS ER scale

- with serial interface and connection with Casio Smart Touch terminals
- EEG geijkt leverbaar
- Compact model
- 5 PLU fast item keys
- supplied with Stainless Steel plateau
- Ideaal for mobile merchants
- rechargeable battery included